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Site Selection

CMI will determine client site requirements, develop comprehensive requirement list for the site, and meet with facility liaison to perform site inspections, review and ensure complete understanding of client needs, and establish a working relationship.


CMI prides itself in handling all registrations with the utmost detail and care. Missing information on forms is resolved upon receipt with a personal telephone call. Telephone inquiries are handled by a "real person" and all registrants are given the personalized attention that is usually lacking in today's fast paced business environment.


CMI will generate professional identification badges for each Category/attendee. In addition to name tags, ribbons will provided to identify speakers and facilitators.


CMI has established a relationship with a travel management company which provides the lowest possible fares. CMI will determine the travel schedule needs of presenters and coordinate the entire travel management process for air and ground transportation.

Event Management

CMI will conduct pre-event meetings with facility liaison, pertinent facility staff, and special service vendors to walk through entire program, review all arrangements including catering, meeting room setup and design, audio visual equipment, time scheduling, facility staffing and address all concerns.

CMI's approach to coordinating events would be to develop charts delegating task and time lines encompassing all aspects of the event. Communication is essential in coordinating a successful function. CMI conducts brief internal staff meetings each morning to clarify daily expectations and goals. Weekly "update" meetings to determine accomplishments and address concerns will be conducted.

CMI utilizes one of the most sophisticated automated meeting management programs available in the industry today. In addition to a multitude of other activities this program allows CMI to generate reports at a moments notice in terms of attendance figures in each category of registration; financial summaries; presenter profiles; rooming lists; delegate registries; workshop session selections; and identification badges.

CMI will determine sign requirements, develop copy for directional, meeting room, registration and informational signs, coordinate printing and delivery.

CMI will develop and coordinate the printing, billing and scheduling of promotional materials.

CMI will ensure that all meetings and meal functions will commence and conclude on a timely basis.

CMI will ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

CMI staff will arrive on-site prior to each meeting to supervise setup and logistical operations of event, including placement of signs, registration desk and information/message center.

CMI will provide the most up-to-date information on all activities and events available for out-of-town guests, including maps, informational booklets and schedule of local events during your meeting.

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